Ben’s childhood was spent on Canadian Air Force bases in Germany and Canada. As a hyperactive kid and a military brat with a short attention span he used to enjoy opening the back cover of his camera to let the sun kiss the exposed light sensitive film. He would wonder why all those pictures he took had a weird red color cast when he got the photos from the lab. The world of images, as well as moving images (film and TV) captivated his hyperactive mind. His eyes would soak in contrasts and saturations of the dancing images that moved before him (that and UFO Robot Grandizer). His mind would then explode in possibilities, and spark his creative juices to create art. He even brought those posibilities to school, and his imagination would roam for hours, to the dismay of his mother and father.


Moving on, he became interested in Archeology, Oceanography and Marine Biology, he would later find out — to his shock — that he did not have a single scientific bone in his body. He figured out later that it wasn’t the science that interested him, but the National Geographic and Geo magazines covered with gorgeous photography. Later fashion would become an acquired taste as he explored the worlds of beauty in the style of Vogue Paris, Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, V Magazine, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated (the women were beautiful – and still are) and Photo Magazine.


Moving to Montreal, Ben began his career in photography. He earned his experience working for a local music magazine where he became staff photographer and later would become photo director. His fashion experience has given him the opportunity of working for Feu De Venus, Rufen, The Volts, Buzz Jeans, Aqua Di Lara, Qiss Qiss, Bertigo, Kamkyl and Swimwear World. His fashion, runway and concert work has been published for web and print magazines such as Influence Magazine, Shockblast.net, Stylebistro.com, Fashion Ledge, Just Luxe, Buzz Jeans Blog, Madmoiselle B, Le Magazine Influence and Flare Magazine.


Today, Benoit has successfully merged and reconciled the right side of his brain with it’s left side. He is a fashion photographer and moving forward, offers e-commerce consultation specializing in research and development  Through one of his partners, E-comstudio, he helped build and elaborate on photography workflows, studio setups and quality control for their e-commerce initiatives. Through that same partner he has worked with top tier companies such as the Aldo Group (Aldo Shoes, Call it Spring, Local, Little Burgundy and Globo), La Maison Simons, Jacob, Buffalo Jeans, m0851, La Canadienne, Mackage and Bod & Christensen. His ability to adapt complex structure to small operations is a valued asset to his clients. He also enjoys the pursuit of the study of e-commerce and more especially documenting how important online visual merchandising.